"I care for myself, the more solitary the more friendless, the more unsustained I am. The more I shall respect myself" - Jane Eyre. I'm Zoey, I'm from the southwest of England, and I'm 17


(by isabelle bertolini on Flickr)


Lomography Camera of the Day - Canon AE-1 


Window shot towards Oxford Circus.

5th of June 2014

still one of my most memoeable trips

My 18th went better than I expected. Good people. Good times and no one was arguing or was sick or there awkwardly. I would have loved it if more of my faves were there. But since I didn’t get a ‘happy birthday’ or ‘how was your party/night?’ From anyone after. It makes me feel they don’t actually care. And I would have regretted it a few months after realising. I prefur a chilled controlled night in than a disorderly one. So I honestly couldn’t have asked for anyrhing better.



journal de jours

damn I want a bike